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Category: Senior Living Insights

Intergenerational Family enjoying outdoor meal

ERDMAN Brings Integrative Thinking to Bear on Intergenerational Living

Intergenerational living continues to be a hot topic in the senior living industry. What can we, as designers, developers, and operators do to overcome some of the challenges intergenerational living models pose?

Engaging the Outdoors in Senior Living Campus Design

The benefits of biophilia have been researched and documented for decades. Our focus in this article is on the health benefits of biophilia and ways to enhance the senior living community’s exposure to and interaction with nature.
lobby of senior living area

Converting Hospitality Properties into Senior Living Communities

While the hospitality industry is suffering, the senior living industry can seize an opportunity. Although the pandemic has caused a short-term disruption in occupancy and product absorption due to freezing admissions...
Older couple smiling

Medicare Advantage: A Strategic Perspective

During the Medicare enrollment period, many seniors are making decisions about the quality of their healthcare services. Their decisions will affect what they pay, the doctors they see, and the services they use.
automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Four Ways to Retrofit Your Senior Living Community for Infection Control

The onset of COVID-19 has certainly caused much unrest and concern around the care of our loved ones. This is especially true for older generations residing in senior living communities.
Older woman with dog

Loneliness And Senior Health

Loneliness and social isolation are prevalent and growing challenges in society. Loneliness and social isolation are prevalent and growing challenges in society. The pandemic has drawn attention to both issues and efforts to mitigate their impact.
two doctors having discussion

CARES Act Provisions for Hospitals, Medical Practices, Nursing Home Facility Changes

We are indebted to all healthcare professionals throughout the United States. The recently passed CARES Act includes provisions to assist healthcare organizations and providers expand technical and physical capabilities to meet the burgeoning demand.
Healthcare policy concept with graphs and stethoscope

Healthcare Policy Watchlist

While it’s typical for federal legislative activity in the U.S. Congress to slow down during election years, other state & federal agencies remain busy in the health policy and rule-making arena. Here are February’s “watchlist” items for health system leaders and partners.
Two mature couples playing chess

Finding Happiness on a Budget

These days it seems many in the business of developing and operating senior living communities are focused on one of two booming segments: the vast underserved “middle market” and the active adult, or 55+, sector.

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