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Our Culture

An inclusive environment offering growth opportunities


Rana Malik

The ERDMAN Difference

At the foundation of our longstanding history is a holistic approach we call Integrative Thinking. It allows ERDMAN to leverage insights and experiences from various disciplines to solve complex problems. In turn, we offer innovative solutions to advance care delivery models as part of our vision to improve every life we touch.

At the core of our Integrative Thinking approach is ERDMAN’s culture. When we think of culture, it is so much more than happy hours and team building exercises. It is more than an employee engagement survey skimming the top of our people’s experiences. To us, it means we have a way of doing things. It means we look at certain behaviors to drive performance and collaboration. It means we are constructive with each other for the greater good.

Our culture is something we strive to live and breathe every day, understanding that an organization’s culture doesn’t just happen overnight. It is a journey that is planned, created, and cultivated.

ERDMAN respects and celebrates human diversity. It is because of people with various backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and minds that we can come together and solve complex challenges to improve lives. To achieve the greatest level of Integrative Thinking through a diverse and inclusive workforce, we keep a keen focus on four key areas:


Our team members are friendly, open, and sensitive to the satisfaction of others. As such, we are supportive and constructive while creating an environment where everyone belongs.


We encourage team members to seek and receive development opportunities, as well as offer access to resources that promote learning and skill development. This is supported by setting goals and solving problems to effectively and continuously increase our expertise.

A unified family celebrating diversity, creativity, and love of people with a shared purpose to improve lives.


The differences in people and their ideas are critical to feed and grow Integrative Thinking. Through everyone’s unique voices, we cultivate an environment of excellence, innovation, and leadership.


Team members thrive on connecting with each other and within the communities where we work. In turn, we create success and positive outcomes with a genuine concern for a healthier society and each other’s wellbeing.



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