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Creativity and diligence in the design of building systems


hospital interior

High-Performing, Adaptable Building Solutions

In the body that is your care facility, engineers provide its musculoskeletal, respiratory and central nervous systems. ERDMAN’s engineers also supply the heartbeat by contributing rigorous analysis and evaluation of options, in addition to the knowledge and creativity that together ensure building systems are properly sized and equipped to meet present-day needs, as well as adaptable for the future.

Empowered by trust between client and team, we create impactful design that elevates the human experience. Driven by passion, curiosity, and integrative expertise, ERDMAN artfully develops adaptable environments that balance strategic, financial, and operational needs, with a focus on improving lives.



Energy System Design

Designing for operational efficiency allows building owners and end users to derive environmental benefits, but is also a key driver of managing both up-front and substantially higher lifecycle costs. As a fundamental value of ERDMAN and its engineering team, energy efficiency is always part of the approach to building system design, from the initial assessment of existing facility conditions and the evaluation of systems coordination. This guarantees that a balance can be achieved between people’s experience of the space and the real business need of effective use of capital.

Engineering project completed by ERDMAN
Building Information Modeling render


ERDMAN’s Integrative Thinking approach particularly benefits engineering decisions. Our engineers are an integral part of design teams, and each of the engineering disciplines is at the table to provide vital expertise, whether a discussion centers on complex structural questions or a simple surgical boom. Whether a structural engineer is weighing in on equipment support, an electrical engineer on power and data connections, a plumbing engineer on medical gas systems, a mechanical engineer on duct coordination, or an architect on location coordination, all team members bring an in-depth understanding of the trades, fabrication, prefabrication and systems, with a keen focus on design and constructability.

The Human Experience

Above all, ERDMAN’s engineers operate knowing that the environments they help create must offer a meaningful human experience to the people who work and receive care there. The firm’s long experience bringing healthcare and senior living environments to fruition is augmented by the fresh attention we pay to new challenges, such as the impacts of the pandemic on air system requirements. Our engineers are diligent in applying the right kind of option analysis and support necessary to help clients make the right choices for the short and long term.

Senior Living facility

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