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Leadership at ERDMAN shows up in our behaviors regardless of titles. ERDMAN invites constructive leadership at all levels through a culture that asks everyone to grow, learn, and become their best selves. We invest in our people’s development inside and outside of our workplace.

We believe we must continue to grow as people and want each of us to reach our fullest potential while helping others develop along the way.

At ERDMAN, we believe growth and development starts with a strong sense of self awareness at the individual level. We provide team members with a variety of tools to inquire about their personal styles and effectiveness, ranging from DiSC to emotional intelligence assessments. Such resources determine a baseline of how each person can thrive in our constructive culture. It also sets the stage for success and coachability, while cultivating a collaborative team with strong relationships.

We inspire leadership at ERDMAN in various ways:

Monthly 1:1

Our team members and leaders connect at least once a month to discuss ideas and learning opportunities. ERDMAN’s unique approach to this dedicated time focusing on what the team member wants to explore presents many opportunities to learn and share information.

Career Development

ERDMAN’s people development philosophy is simple. Our focus is on the entire person and creating opportunities to develop. We take a holistic approach to foster both personal and professional growth, giving the responsibility to team members to understand and drive toward their passions and biggest impact.  We achieve this through intentional efforts such as career paths, development plans, mentorship opportunities, and a variety of tools and training to understand and develop ourselves first.

Community Impact

ERDMAN is actively involved in community service, as both a company and as individuals, inside and outside of the workplace.

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INSPIRE is ERDMAN’s distinguished and customized 12-month program of workshops and small-group coaching sessions. It develops leadership skills, identifies and resolves business challenges, builds relationships, and makes a positive impact in what our people do. Our INSPIRE graduates exemplify leadership effectiveness and commit to Integrative Thinking to accomplish our best work together. The program also calls on past graduates to coach and mentor developing leaders to work together to identify and solve real business challenges.

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To further foster a constructive culture comprised of leaders, we promote learning and skill development from day one:



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