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Building confidence in project scope, schedule and cost


Preconstruction planning steps

Early Guidance on Budget and Estimating

ERDMAN’s preconstruction services and processes give clients a full understanding of, and confidence in, a project’s cost, scope, and schedule. Through our integrative approach, we are your partner to develop a plan built on collaboration and trust that meets your goals, aligns with your budget, and addresses pressing needs.

Empowered by trust, we are an integral part of our clients’ success. Driven by passion, curiosity, and integrative expertise, ERDMAN tailors executable real estate strategies that elevate the human experience while optimizing strategic, financial and operational results with a focus on improving lives.



Elemental Success

Cultivating trust, confidence, and collaboration between our team and yours, preconstruction services and processes provide early budget guidance that sets you on a path to success. Throughout preconstruction, our team works in tandem not only with you, but also with designers, engineers, and other project partners. Together, we pinpoint objectives, create plans, and develop a path to success that is unique for each project. Additionally, we offer near-real-time progress updates to help guide decision making and facilitate transparency throughout the preconstruction process.

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Tools and Technology

At ERDMAN, our estimating services actively facilitate a project’s design. Engaging in the scheduling process early on, we work in tandem with estimating and design efforts, and use lean pull planning to track scheduling and optimize performance. This in turn helps save time and money.

As estimates and schedules are intentionally developed together, we are well positioned to anticipate, even to the day, when items will be required on site. By utilizing high volume buying power, we facilitate just-in-time delivery for our projects. We also stay informed of costs for both direct-purchase and long-lead items. This keeps our clients in the know and allows for projects to be completed in a timely, effective manner.

Finally, we leverage building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) to support the integration of estimating, scheduling, and purchasing activities. By applying Integrative Thinking to building modeling, our teams operate in step with each other, ensuring alignment, accuracy, and efficiency throughout each project.

Meeting Needs

ERDMAN’s deliverables are customized specifically to our clients’ needs, and every approval includes our clients’ input. Our preconstruction efforts give you the self-assurance to move forward with a project, and help ensure positive, impactful outcomes that are cost effective and improve lives.

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