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Visualize Your System of Health

You have ideas; you have plans. You need information that can support them.

ZeroIn powered by ERDMAN Analytics puts the data and insights at your fingertips — and gives you even more. ZeroIn aggregates data from different high-quality, independent sources. It gives you restricted and secured access to the database, as well as to an interactive analytics platform and three distinct, proprietary visualization tools that can be overlaid and integrated to help inform market strategy.

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...on market attractiveness

ZeroIn’s Geospatial application provides you with a customized, dynamic platform on which you can do real-time market planning. Here, you can locate the right places to put key services, helping advance a growth strategy from a bird’s eye view down to the street-corner level. Utilizing data refreshed at regular intervals, it’s a tool that allows strategic planning to change as the market changes. 

ERDMAN Analytics ZeroIn UI
ERDMAN Analytics ZeroIn UI
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...on market sizing

ZeroIn’s Tableau application helps you pinpoint utilization and demand by stratifying the type of patient activity that exists in a specific market. With many factors influencing utilization of healthcare services, the aggregated current usage and forecast data paints a picture that lets you quantify the types of services needed — oncology? orthopedics? — and the number of physicians and specialists needed to deploy to serve those specific needs. And again, the dynamic dataset allows for both immediate and long-term implementation strategies.

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...on market penetration

ZeroIn’s Tableau application also allows for a deeper dive to aid you in touching more lives in the market — that is, capturing new vectors for future service. What opportunities exist for you to make services more robust, or to marshal resources to help capture a greater percentage of market share? Which potential services fit our core competencies, and which suggest broadening our services? This tool gives you an at-a-glance ability to understand what’s happening in a particular market, and how you can best serve it.

ERDMAN Analytics ZeroIn UI

ZeroIn with ERDMAN

Together, these tools allow you to zero in on market positioning, forming the basis for operational and experiential planning. ZeroIn powers a process through which a market and its consumer attributes can be understood, a desired patient population can be mapped in accordance with your health system’s vision and goals, and the information can be translated into a fully realized care environment. To learn more about our analytics services, get in touch with our team today.


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