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Comprehensive expertise in integrative, impactful facility design


Hallway of emergency department

Design of Innovative Environments

Partners to healthcare and senior living professionals, and facilitators of a design process that is both structured and fluid, ERDMAN’s architectural teams deliver impactful solutions for the client, user and the broader community.

Empowered by trust between client and team, we create impactful design that elevates the human experience. Driven by passion, curiosity, and integrative expertise, ERDMAN artfully develops adaptable environments that balance strategic, financial, and operational needs, with a focus on improving lives.




In an industry addressing financial and human capital pressures, ERDMAN’s approach can challenge conventional methods and find new ways to deliver profound benefits to caregivers and building users alike. Bringing proprietary analytics technology to bear on local service and business ecosystems, ERDMAN is able to look at markets differently and offer design solutions tailored to each client individually. In parallel, our focus on Integrative Thinking allows us to blend innovation and efficiency as the basis of every design solution, by looking at a client’s challenges through multiple perspectives simultaneously.
St Mary's Oncology Room
Orthopaedic Institute of Western Kentucky Exterior Night


Because all health-related services are a complex endeavor, we bring a team of designers, clinicians, strategists, and former administrators to work collectively at forging solutions that are aligned with our clients’ specific needs and elevate the human experience. Our people engage with your people, leading a process of exploration during which we advance ideas and tighten the focus around your stated objectives, with the ability to move with you if, and as, your priorities shift. Combining rigorous data gathering and creative visioning, we help clarify your objectives and apply curiosity and lean decision support to provide targeted recommendations, with the goal of achieving successful outcomes.

Experiential Design

Having successfully created a wide range of relevant spaces — including clinics, surgery centers, emergency departments, cancer centers, ortho and rehab facilities, acute care facilities and senior living facilities — ERDMAN brings significant experience that helps form the basis for the design of environments that blend art and science. ERDMAN’s design process incorporates the use of journey mapping, which allows us to see through the eyes of patients and intentionally help shape their experience of a space. At the same time, we utilize tools such as operational process mapping, ensuring facilities that respond to functional realities. Because we understand the experience of caregivers, our designers never fail to see and hear the other people at the table — which shows in our artfully developed, adaptable environments that meet human, strategic and financial needs.

RUSH River North clinic interior



Impactful, Evidence-Based Solutions

ERDMAN designs focus on the human experience, for both providers and building users. Read more to learn how ERDMAN uses evidence-based design and other techniques to meet clients’ specific goals.


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