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Healthcare Consulting and Advisory Services

Delivery of market, operational and financial strategies


Guidance You Can Trust

Engaging ERDMAN as your trusted advisor ensures integrative, strategic, cost-effective, and viable solutions that will serve as guidance on the road to achieving your transformational goals.

Empowered by trust and data, we are an integral part of our clients’ success. Driven by passion, curiosity, and integrative expertise, ERDMAN brings to life dynamic and actionable strategies that instill confidence in market, financial, operational, and experiential outcomes, with a focus on improving lives.



Leveraging Expertise

New regulations, novel payment models, evolving consumer expectations, generational and geographic variations, enduring pandemic impacts, community wellness, and refined digital integration are just some of the factors that influence how you plan for physician networks, service line growth, technology deployment, and transformation of care. ERDMAN’s team – including clinicians and other healthcare business professionals with backgrounds in operations, strategy, facility master planning, and additional disciplines – leverages this expertise to solve problems involving access to healthcare, financing, clinical processes, and facility operations and infrastructure.

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Market Planning

To determine the best options for locations and partners as you refine your system of health, ERDMAN uses progressive, proprietary, clinical and market analytics that incorporate the behavior of unique populations, spending patterns, disease prevalence, and competitive opportunity into block-by-block geographic views. Our approach helps you ZeroIn™ on the right questions and find the best answers for your situation. Our planning provides practical solutions and strategies to achieve your goals, whether you are considering individual clinic improvements or seeking systemwide changes. ERDMAN evaluates your services in the competitive market and helps confirm that care is being delivered in the right locations, at the right time, to meet consumer expectations and reflect well on your organization’s brand.

Operational and Experiential Planning

ERDMAN supports operational efficiency, in existing environments as well as in new physical space. We  focus attention on enhancing consumer experiences, maximizing productivity, and eliminating waste. We utilize market supply and demand data, demographic and psychographic analytics, and simulation modeling to analyze the way consumers and providers experience your facility and services, as we seek to align your operational needs with your consumers’ expectations.

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Financial Analysis

We go beyond the physical space considerations to help you make decisions about efficient use of capital. We perform pro forma and financial capacity analyses in order to make accurate determinations of a space’s financial and ROI impact. In addition, ERDMAN provides the analysis required to see, quantify, and optimize performance based on the financial effects shifting utilization and increased expenses can have on your organization.


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