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Our Approach

Integrative Thinking at ERDMAN leverages a diverse set of experts to solve the complex challenges in healthcare and senior living. Our approach allows us to be a dedicated partner in developing effective outcomes that translate into healthier communities across the U.S.


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A Different Way of Seeing

What we do is distinctive. Through Integrative Thinking, we look at challenges from multiple lenses simultaneously in a team-based setting. Our collaborative approach allows us to innovate by applying strategic intelligence, the latest design trends, and advanced technology. This allows us to implement comprehensive, real-time solutions that advance our clients’ goals.

Our process considers key decision makers and industry experts, ranging from executive leaders and data-driven strategists to creative designers and construction managers. Together, we leverage a unified team. More importantly, we encourage cross-disciplinary cooperation to fuel innovation and impactful outcomes while eliminating inefficiencies. As a result, we take on the complex challenges of healthcare and senior living to help leaders build healthier communities throughout the U.S.



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Advisory Services

Engaging ERDMAN as your trusted advisor ensures integrative, strategic, cost-effective, and viable solutions that will serve as guidance on the road to achieving your transformational goals.

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Master Planning

Effective master plans must consider how physical assets and infrastructure support an organization’s strategic goals. ERDMAN offers a fresh look at the environments you operate and works with your team to plan for the future — from the best use of existing and future square footage to minimizing operating costs and beyond.

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Partners to healthcare and senior-living professionals, and facilitators of a design process that is both structured and fluid, ERDMAN’s architectural teams deliver impactful solutions for the client, user and the broader community.

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In the body that is your care facility, engineers provide its musculoskeletal, respiratory and central nervous systems. ERDMAN’s engineers also supply the heartbeat by contributing rigorous analysis and evaluation of options, in addition to the knowledge and creativity that together ensure building systems are properly sized and equipped to meet present-day needs, as well as adaptable for the future.

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ERDMAN’s preconstruction services and processes give clients a full understanding of, and confidence in, a project’s cost, scope, and schedule. Through our integrative approach, we are your partner to develop a plan built on collaboration and trust that meets your goals, aligns with your budget, and addresses pressing needs.

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ERDMAN’s construction services represent a fully integrated delivery model offering distinct client advantages. Using this model, we can provide one contract and single-source responsibility for the development, design, and construction of healthcare and senior living facilities, leading to cost and time savings.

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Real Estate Development

ERDMAN offers a full-service development team focused exclusively on healthcare and senior living, providing real estate strategy, capital planning, financial analysis, capital sourcing, lease negotiation, and asset management. Our in-house expertise, combined with our integrative approach, translates to customized solutions that align with your long-term goals for the most efficient use of capital. 



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