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Livingston Hospital

Livingston, MT
Livingston HealthCare
118,000 SF
Livingston Hospital Exterior


Providing a state-of-the-art hospital through cost-effective design

With an aging facility, Livingston HealthCare was asking itself the same tough questions a lot of critical access hospitals do: How can we improve the patient experience? Should we move and rebuild? What’s the best option for funding? For Livingston HealthCare to move forward with a major construction project, it would need to find a viable option that met the changing healthcare needs of area residents, while working within a tight budget. 

A condition assessment of its existing facility and site evaluation study confirmed the best path forward was building a new hospital on a new site. ERDMAN worked with Livingston HealthCare to establish a set of guiding principles that established the basis for achieving design excellence and project success. Evidence-based design methodologies were used to create efficient patient flows, improve patient experiences, and increase staff satisfaction. Design features were cost-effective and sustainable, captured the local aesthetic, and maximized access to breathtaking mountain views. Today, Livingston HealthCare has a state-of-the-art critical access hospital that can successfully evolve with its community.

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Livingston HealthCare staff and leadership leaned on ERDMAN’s employees for expert advice, problem solving, and foresight. The talented staff was able to create a physical building to match our superior natural surroundings in Livingston and enhance the quality of care we provide.

Bren Lowe, Former CEO

Livingston HealthCare

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