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Rustin Becker

Rustin Becker

President & CEO

Rustin Becker has been exclusively focused on delivering effective outcomes in healthcare and senior living for more than 25 years. As President & CEO, he is results driven and leads ERDMAN’s multidisciplinary team of experts. Through his commitment to excellence, Rustin is instrumental in developing solutions that deliver extraordinary experiences and provide sustainable financial, operational, and strategic results. His expertise has also been showcased as a speaker at a wide range of national conferences, and he has served as a research partner with multiple academic institutions and nonprofit organizations. As ERDMAN’s leader, Rustin is focused on maintaining the firm’s steady growth through differentiated offerings, a spirit of innovation, and a constructive culture anchored in ERDMAN’s values and common purpose.

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I believe being healthy is a significant part of happiness and living life to the fullest.  Access to high-quality healthcare is essential in maintaining healthy communities.


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