Having the proper network is key to maintaining competitiveness, both in fee-for-service and risk-based reimbursement models such as accountable care. As markets shift to more accountable cost models, understanding who the most cost-effective, highest-quality physicians are, and having a compelling model in which to align with them is critical. We are experts in the development of a wide range of physician network models, including Clinical Integration and Accountable Care.

  1. Physician Alignment Strategy: Appropriate and data-driven targeting to define pro-active, rather than reactive, approaches to defining employment and acquisition of practices and individuals who will most successfully support your market strategy
  1. Clinical Integration: Design and build of FTC-compliant Clinical Integration programs with clients ranging from community hospitals to academic medical centers, engaging physicians in effective collaboration with health systems
  1. Physician Demand: Modeling of population-focused physician network adequacy and physician supply and demand to support rational network development planning for your market
  1. Accountable Care Organizations: Design and build of all aspects of governance, network, and care delivery for health systems with a significant stake in Medicare and commercial accountable cost models