Instead of the traditional reactive approach of finding a property and then commissioning expensive studies to determine its potential, ERDMAN takes a proactive approach by identifying ideal hot spots within a market. Using the latest ESRI population, geographic and market supply data, our Senior Living Demand Model allows us to complete senior living market identification attractiveness based on current supply and your unique requirements – demographic, socio-economic, consumer segment, median household value, rent/owner analysis, proximity to local retail or places of worship, etc. This allows you to focus your search for properties more efficiently and validate the property quicker, which ultimately gets you in market faster with less wasted capital.

Geographic information system (GIS) is a tool that allows us to map your unique market data at the household level and develop targeted market strategies by neighborhood, compared to zip code level, providing a more detailed analysis due to more detailed geographics. This data is then integrated with advanced market and industry intelligence information to provide targeted areas for growth.

The real power of GIS is in the ability to provide observed meaningful geospatial context about your market to help you make the best decision for your organization.  We believe there is a more  scientific and efficient method to defining the market: market sizing and segmentation by resident. This market definition methodology, long deployed by retailers, provides the ability to define and understand the market and eventually identify sites. With this new approach, we help operators all over the country quickly assess, identify and deploy a more refined community strategy.



We partner with senior living operators to make your vision a reality, using the latest ESRI population and geographic data available, along with available market supply data from the National Investment Council to create customized senior living market identification analyses in our Senior Living Demand Model. Accelerate your speed to market and reduce market risk with more precise data analysis.



Helping seniors age successfully with communities that empower residents.

A great deal of discussion has focused on the expectations and even demands that the onslaught of new “retirees” will have and how these will need to be accommodated by providers seeking to capture a portion of that vast market.  For the majority of those crossing over into the “third chapter” of life, the future of elderhood will likely look very different.