There is tremendous financial pressure placed on healthcare management today with increased risk associated with new and changing reimbursement models and a shift from volume to value. Organizations must reorganize clinical programs, care delivery models, and resource deployment to be efficient in this new environment while simultaneously driving provider and patient engagement and satisfaction.


Through a variety of Lean facilitation tools and events that engage providers and staff as part of the organizational redesign process and supported by data-driven analytics, ERDMAN helps organizations plan for and realize their desired goals. Optimizing return on invested capital through provider-leveraged care models that maximize productivity and utilization of organizational resources.


Partnering with healthcare management seeking to attract and retain new patients in this competitive market environment, we leverage our operational and experiential planning capabilities to define and deliver intentionally crafted patient and staff experiences that are unique, predictable, and repeatable. We accomplish this by reviewing the operational model through a series of influence points that are aligned with local consumer preferences, while simultaneously connecting the operational model to achieve desired organizational results.

  1. Current & Forecasted Utilization Analysis
    1. Provider and Staff Utilization
    2. Ancillary/Procedural Utilization
    3. Facility Utilization
  1. Operational & Experiential Planning
    1. Team-based Care Models
    2. Operational Planning Charrettes
    3. Functional and Operational Narratives
    4. Experiential Mapping and Patient Influence Points
    5. Simulation Modeling
    6. Ambulatory Playbooks
    7. Benchmarking & Performance Improvement
    8. Financial Analysis & Forecasting


Experience an ERDMAN Charette, through which Centura Health was able to imagine and define a new consumer experience, plan the physical and operational environment to support it, and address the operational, technological, and cultural gaps to deliver a new strategic patient experience model.


Focusing on patient experience drives improvement—and helps differentiate

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