As the healthcare industry changes dramatically, it’s more important than ever to define transformational strategies to fuel your long-term growth. Do you have the access to, and capability to analyze critical data to make informed decisions? Are you comfortable integrating the planning and implementation of physician networks, payor contracting strategy, service line growth, technology strategy, and facilities transformation?

Not only does ERDMAN help you ask the right questions and find the answers, we provide you with actionable options and an effective roadmap to successfully achieving your transformation goals, whether small-scale or system-wide.

Recent industry changes are pushing healthcare organizations to reevaluate their readiness for new payment models, relationships with physicians, patient-centered care, and population health. Building effective solutions to these challenges requires accurate and insightful data to make confident long-term decisions. Informed by the latest tools available and industry expertise, ERDMAN’s Advisory Services group will help you define market attractiveness, population targets, and clinical and operational delivery strategies based on your unique environment and requirements. We can match these strategies to existing capabilities, prioritize, and define the most cost-effective path to move you forward, as well as, partner with you to support those efforts.


Market Strategy

  1. Patient Origin and Clinical Utilization
  2. Demographics and Consumer Profiling
  3. Competitor and Partner Profiling
  4. Provider Supply and Demand
  5. Payor Contracting for Population Health

Operational & Experiential Planning

  1. Operational Planning Charrettes
  2. Functional and Operational Narratives
  3. Experiential Mapping and Patient Influence Points
  4. Patient Flow Simulation Modeling
  5. Benchmarking & Performance Improvement
  6. Financial Analysis & Forecasting

Provider Network Strategy

  1. Physician Alignment Strategy
  2. Clinical Integration
  3. Physician Demand
  4. Accountable Care Organizations

Reimbursement Strategy

  1. Payor Contracting Strategy
  2. Service Optimization
  3. Contract Evaluation & Negotiation Support

Strategic Transformation

  1. Board Education and Facilitation
  2. Program & Project Management
  3. Interim Operators
  4. Brand & Communications