At ERDMAN, we believe the questions of new service offerings, population health, patient experience, new care models, and facilities are not separate, isolated challenges. We believe that by looking at these challenges through multiple perspectives simultaneously, we come up with more effective and efficient solutions. Through our Integrative Thinking, we take on the complex challenges of healthcare to help our clients build healthier communities.

Integrative Thinking is a unique approach and set of methods to solve complex and challenging problems by integrating insights and knowledge from various disciplines and balancing multiple imperatives. By approaching a complex problem from various perspectives, we can analyze each element from multiple perspectives, bringing evidence and insights from relevant fields. This critical analysis considers different connections and relationships, allowing us to consider more innovative and creative possibilities. Instead of making decisions based on a series of trade-offs, our methods bring creative options where the sum is greater than each of the parts, all while managing within the scope of the project, the budget, and the schedule.

At ERDMAN, we believe listening is a skill best achieved through practice. We seek first to understand our clients’ business objectives, metrics for success, and business goals. Your business goals are what direct our approach and solutions. Read more about how we apply Integrative Thinking in strategic planning, operational and experiential planning, design and delivery, and capital and development.