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Vitality Senior Living is on a mission: to empower successful aging. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Vitality seeks to build a portfolio of projects that realizes its vision for a new kind of senior living lifestyle. Such an endeavor requires meeting objectives that include:

  1. Identifying strong marketplaces, solid acquisition opportunities, and outstanding site locations for new construction
  2. Developing a streamlined approach that allows for an exceptionally efficient speed-to-market process for multiple communities within a short timeframe
  3. Creating communities that not only integrate the site-specific elements and nature within the built environment but also welcomes the public into the space to encourage intergenerational connections
  4. Featuring a resident-centered, technology-driven approach to the senior living environment that promotes pleasure, convenience, and safety


Vitality has selected ERDMAN to provide comprehensive project services that include market demand and attractiveness modeling, feasibility and site selection analysis, as well as architecture, interior design, engineering, and construction services. As Vitality expands throughout the eastern United States, it can continue to work with the same ERDMAN team—no matter where the next project is. The integrated services ERDMAN provides in partnership with Vitality accomplish the following:

  1. Greater speed to market and more cost-effective project implementation thanks to a single point of contact and a multi-disciplinary team of ERDMAN specialists that understand Vitality’s mission and vision
  2. Carefully developed operational model prototypes to be used for Vitality’s independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities
  3. For each new community, individualized architectural design solutions that maintain the core operational model but are unique in terms of aesthetics, fit, and finish, and specifically in how the design encourages resident interaction with the larger community
  4. Community designs that honor jurisdictional requirements for life safety, but do so in a less institutionalized and more home-like, resident-focused way

ERDMAN is currently working with Vitality on six new sites in and around Nashville.


Highlighted Project

  1. Location: Hendersonville, TN
  2. 4-Story  110,000 SF  assisted living and dementia care center
  3. 79 assisted-living rooms
  4. 34 memory care rooms
  5. Specialty spaces include spa/salon, dog park, outdoor amphitheater
  6. $37,700,000 design and construction budget
  7. Estimated Project Completion: June 2018


Virtual Reality Model Directions:


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This model represents Vitality Senior Living’s Hendersonville Community, highlighting elements of the exterior such as the entrance, courtyard, amphitheater rooftop patio and more.