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Whole In One: Trends In Sports Medicine Design
Healthcare Design August 2, 2016


Today’s sports medicine facilities are no longer solely focused on injury recovery, but instead are being viewed as a route to total wellness. The broader objective of emerging sports medicine facilities is to look at ideal outcomes for athletes, using more data and an integrative thinking approach. Service offerings and facility design reflect these changes by providing sports psychology and nutrition services, which require more exam and consultative spaces. This approach also focuses on the patient experience, allowing each person to feel like a star athlete and work with various specialties in one space.

The general idea is to focus on wellness and preventive care, as well as the look and feel of new facilities, which reflects a change to a more casual patient experience. Outdoor walking spaces and gardens are examples of wellness-focused emerging sports medicine spaces. The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic are two systems that are testing new professional sports medicine spaces, with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers, respectively, utilizing private entrances. Both systems allow the public access to the spaces through separate entrances and help the facilities achieve the greatest service utilization and greater patient population wellness.

The general idea is to focus on wellness and preventive care and the look and feel of new facilities reflects a change to a more casual patient experience. Outdoor walking spaces and gardens are an example of a wellness-focused emerging sports medicine spaces.

Reducing Facility Costs Without Capital Investment
Scott Saunders, PE, LEED AP BD+C, EDAC, ERDMAN, August 2016


During this time of relatively low fuel costs, we can all become lulled by low energy bills; but this is not a time to relax your efforts. In fact, consider using some of those savings to do upgrades that will pay off down the road when costs are high again.  Reduce costs and demonstrate environmental and social leadership in your community all while leaving more money for patient care

A recent EPA study showed every dollar saved in energy consumption is the equivalent to increasing top line revenue in hospitals by $20, or $10 in medical offices. These improvements can also result in better performance and employee satisfaction and productivity.

Many very impactful improvements are often the simplest and can be made without capital investments. Here are some of the most common opportunities for low/no cost improvements:

  • Calibrate and reset all thermostats at least annually, adjusting for seasonal and occupancy whenever possible
  • Check outdoor lighting time-clock settings seasonally
  • Check that HVAC ventilation and outdoor air is being reset for unoccupied times wherever allowed
  • Clean and replace all HVAC filters
  • Make sure all outside air handler louvers and exhaust fan backdraft dampers seal off well when they are shut down or in standby mode.

The ENERGY STAR program, run by the EPA, is a free service that has been upgraded and now offers excellent benchmark data for healthcare facilities. It provides an opportunity to help assess, measure, and provide recognition for your improvements. Get your facility rating and track it. This is a great way to motivate your staff into looking for ways to improve your rating over time. Our experience among dozens of facilities demonstrates that doing the simple things above expectations will increase your rating by 10 percent or more.

If you need help with utilizing any of the ENERGY STAR tools, including the Portfolio Manager tracking for projects with multiple facilities, ERDMAN can help. We have in-house certified ENERGY STAR auditors for those seeking an ENERGY STAR label for their facility.  Contact to speak with a certified team member.


St. Luke’s Expansion Wins DBIA Award of Merit
ERDMAN is pleased to announce one of our projects, the St. Luke’s Procedural & Surgical Care Expansion (MN), has earned a National Award of Merit in Healthcare from the Design Build Institute of America.

Proliance Testimonial
After 10 years of partnership, Frank Gilbert of Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine explains what differentiates ERDMAN from its competitors.


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