“You are an exceptional team of dedicated people whom I am proud to know. Every time a patient walks through those doors and experiences the beauty you have developed for them at a vulnerable part of their life, you will be the reason.”

— Cathy Bealer, RN, MHA, CMPE, CEO
Frontier Cancer Center


A group of doctors in Billings, Montana had a dream: create a place where cancer patients receive a comprehensive continuum of care under one roof, a place where a dedicated team of healthcare professionals work seamlessly together to give each patient the best cancer care possible. What would it take to make that dream real? Bringing those determined doctors together with a partner who could help meet challenges like these:

  1. Verify the market, the financial business plan, and the projected volume to help answer the question, “If we build it, will they come?”
  2. Locate an ideal site, one not only large enough for a comprehensive center but conveniently located near major thoroughfares for out-of-town patients
  3. Design a state-of-the-art center reflecting the best of what cancer centers around the country offer
  4. Capture the spirit of the surrounding area within a serene and healing atmosphere


ERDMAN knew the Billings area well from years of project work. To help take the St. Vincent Frontier Cancer Center from dream to reality, we combined that local knowledge with our national focus on designing outstanding healthcare facilities. The result was a thorough process that included these solutions:

  1. Performed market analysis to verify projected trends, confirm space needs, and establish investor confidence
  2. Engaged local brokers to identify potential locations
  3. Evaluated approximately 20 potential sites
  4. Identified the best site matching St. Vincent’s—and future patients’—needs
  5. Led St. Vincent staff on a best-of-the-best nationwide tour of cutting-edge cancer centers
  6. Designed calming strategies throughout—from easy-to-navigate parking and clear way-finding paths to healing gardens and ample natural daylighting
  7. Situated the facility to allow plenty of majestic mountain views
  8. Created a comfortable, familiar space evocative of the West’s beauty using features like stone and timber

Today, the St. Vincent Frontier Cancer Center provides exceptional cancer care both to local patients and others as far away as the Dakotas and Wyoming.


  1. Location: Billings, MT
  2. 39,000 SF freestanding cancer center
  3. Two-story facility designed to contextually blend into the architectural character of the region
  4. Services include brachytherapy, chemotherapy, massage, naturopathy, nutrition and radiation
  5. Contract Amount: $11,741,020
  6. Completed: 2010