St. Mary’s Hospital Radiation Oncology Center


To provide treatment close to home—that was the driving force behind SSM Health’s proposed radiation oncology addition. SSM Health wanted their St. Mary’s Hospital campus in Janesville, Wisconsin to offer patients in the area a local alternative for treatment. But SSM Health wanted more than that. They envisioned a single location where patients could receive comprehensive cancer care, and they set the following objectives for the new space:

  1. Draw patients from southern Wisconsin by offering exceptional radiation oncology services
  2. Broaden services and treatment capabilities to create a complete cancer care facility
  3. Provide a convenient continuation of care for patients already receiving other cancer treatments on campus
  4. Offer a comfortable, healing space that also provided resources and amenities to support patients throughout the course of their cancer treatment


In the proposal phase of the project, ERDMAN presented an alternative design that went a step further in enhancing the patient experience. In particular, the design maximized the value of the existing healing garden, which ERDMAN had designed and constructed as part of the new campus in 2011. This reconfiguration brought the tranquil qualities of nature into the building by allowing waiting areas (and staff offices) to face into the garden. SSM Health ultimately chose this design. Project outcomes since final construction include the following:

  1. A linear accelerator vault in which patients experience calming lighting, soothing music, and large, serene images of nature that shroud visible lasers
  2. A comfortable resource area where patients can relax, meet with a support group, or research their diagnosis
  3. A radiation oncology addition that flows conveniently from the original hospital area where patients receive chemotherapy and surgical oncology
  4. A special on-site boutique offering clothing and accessories for people undergoing cancer treatment
  5. A façade that seamlessly matches the five-year-old original exterior

Patients in the area now have cutting-edge radiation cancer treatment available nearby. More than that, patients undergoing cancer treatment of any kind have a comprehensive resource to help them through every step of their care.


  1. Location: Janesville, WI
  2. 10,000 SF LINAC and radiation oncology addition
  3. Total Cost: $4,146,000
  4. Completion: 2016


Kim Schram, Director of Radiation Oncology for SSM Health, describes what it’s like to help provide patients access to radiation oncology treatment.