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Riverside Medical Clinic is committed to providing excellent patient care. Recognizing the growing need for access to quality multi-specialty care in the Temescal Valley region, Riverside Medical Clinic engaged ERDMAN to plan, design, and construct a new multi-specialty clinic that would help them achieve the following goals:

  1. Provide their members with access to leading-edge technology and high-quality care in one convenient location
  2. Create a prototype design that can be deployed in the future throughout Southern California’s Inland Empire and is consistent with Riverside Medical Clinic’s reputation for exceptional care
  3. Strengthen the organization’s ability to meet objectives for increasing recruitment and market share


Building upon our long-standing relationship with Riverside Medical Clinic, ERDMAN conducted a market study to confirm market growth and demand assumptions. Based on the market study, Riverside Medical Clinic selected a high-profile site located just off the main freeway exit for this flagship multi-specialty clinic. The site was planned to enhance access and accommodate a Main Entrance, Surgery Center Entrance, Staff Entrance and Service Entrance all from the same side of the facility. The collaborative programming process resulted in a space program that accommodates Riverside Medical Clinic’s plans for service line growth. The design of the facility includes:

  1. Reinforcing a strong connection to Riverside Medical Clinic’s brand through the use of exterior and interior design elements and materials that tie to the existing clinic in Riverside
  2. The urgent care access point is prominent and separate from the main clinic entrance
  3. Enhanced wayfinding
  4. An inviting café that is open to staff and the public alike, offering panoramic views of the surrounding hills and genuine community connection

The new multi-specialty clinic further solidifies Riverside Medical Clinic as a premier provider of high-quality healthcare and wellness services in the region.

Quick Facts

  1. Location: Corona, CA
  2. 97,000 SF multi-specialty clinic and ambulatory surgery center
  3. Services include primary and specialty care services including adult medicine, pediatrics, gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, occupational medicine cosmetic and dermatology services urgent care and outpatient surgery
  4. Completion: September 2019