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AHRQ Eyes Role For Primary Care In Reducing Hospital Readmissions
Healthcare Dive, February 14, 2017

In recent years, hospitals have continued to put a great deal of focus on reducing patient readmissions as they have begun incurring financial penalties for some returning patients. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is the organization that initiated this movement and it has been found that Medicare and minority patients have disproportionately higher rates of readmission than the privately insured and non-minority population.


Some experts have come to believe that the 30-day period often associated with hospital readmission penalties might not be the best way to encourage efforts to create better long-term patient health outcomes. This has led the CMS to recently announce an effort to research the primary care environment and the potential to control longer term readmission outcomes by improving coordination between primary care providers and hospitals. The outpatient environment continues to receive much of the attention in improving population health outcomes.

Continued Healthcare Trends: An Overview

Successful health systems in the coming few years will be focused on leveraging partnerships and creating efficiency as they transition to value-based care. Beyond that, patients must be addressed as increasingly savvy, motivated consumers with options to seek health services through competitors. Special attention to a consistent patient experience and convenient access to care will differentiate successful healthcare organizations. Look for the following trends to continue and impact your marketspace.


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