Pinehurst Surgical


Pinehurst Surgical had an outdated building that was also fragmented by the arrangement of various departments. Pinehurst not only wanted to centralize services but also create a premiere regional facility with centers of excellence in a wide range of specialty areas such as orthopedics, women’s care, sleep disorders, plastic and reconstructive surgery, ENT, audiology, and ophthalmology. Pinehurst Surgical established a bold set of objectives:

  1. Profoundly expand service offerings and increase patient volume by at least 12%
  2. Expand and dominate region with a 15% increase in market
  3. Improve operational efficiency
  4. Offer a layout design that encourages a more cooperative approach among specialties
  5. Create a striking facility in the community, one that embodies the local culture and history


Pinehurst Surgical selected ERDMAN to create an efficient, technologically advanced facility whose comprehensive nature would directly contribute to an increase in patient volume. Since the project’s completion, Pinehurst Surgical has significantly elevated their competitive advantage with outcomes like these:

  1. 70% surgical market share in the region
  2. Patient volume and provider recruitment goals have been met
  3. Interdepartmental synergy thanks to strategic design layout of services
  4. A streamlined patient flow that maximizes operational efficiency
  5. An architecturally stunning facility in the community that also creates a familiar, comfortable atmosphere for patients

Pinehurst Surgical continues to explore strategies for exceptional healthcare services to help them maintain their dominant market share well into the future.


  1. Location: Pinehurst, NC
  2. 131,135 SF, three-story multi-specialty practice
  3. The first private practice Bioskills Learning Center in the nation, which will draw researchers, physicians, and medical device manufacturers from all over the country
  4. Services include audiology, ENT, facial plastics, orthopedics, physical therapy, urology, women’s care center
  5. Surgery specialities: general, bariatric, cardiac, neuro, thoracic and vascular
  6. Comprehensive digital imaging and sleep lab
  7. Total Cost Phase: $22,084,385
  8. Completion: 2006