“Throughout the planning process, the Institute’s owners were highly involved and all meetings were strategic and organized. ERDMAN displayed a high level of professionalism and took our concerns seriously. No question went unanswered. Everything was extremely well communicated, with very few items unexpected or not anticipated… Most importantly, [the new facility] is a place where patients feel at home. ERDMAN developed a success within the community, and patients whose lives have been improved view the building and the physicians as a true savior.”

— Greg Thompson, CEO
The Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky


The Orthopaedic Institute envisioned a state-of-the-art orthopedic center of excellence for the Paducah, Kentucky market, an underserved community where many patients with orthopedic needs were making a two-hour drive to Nashville. The Institute’s intense desire to establish a centerpiece facility in Paducah compelled them to host a design competition. For their design goals to be met, they wanted the new free-standing facility to be:

  1. Capable of serving as the region’s premier source for comprehensive musculoskeletal services
  2. A modern, stunning facility unlike anything within the city
  3. Progressive in style yet also reminiscent of the local culture and landscape
  4. Highly visible from the interstate almost 400 yards away


ERDMAN won the competition with a high-tech, forward-thinking design that includes local accents and the kind of prominent features the Institute was looking for. ERDMAN met the Institute’s project goals through the following ways:

  1. Because the Institute could not secure full financing, made careful design modifications to reduce the budget by $1.5 million while maintaining the integrity of the original design
  2. Though not required, employed BIM technology to facilitate communication and coordination, which expedited decision-making, prevented conflicts with mechanical trades, streamlined material procurement, and helped achieve an efficient operational model
  3. Conducted visioning sessions with the Institute, which included walk-throughs of mock-up rooms to help in facility decision-making
  4. Incorporated an attractive but less expensive man-made stone throughout the facility, bringing to mind the dry laid stone walls found throughout Kentucky
  5. For the main lobby, defined the circulation with meandering curves, evocative of the river confluence Paducah is located on, and used stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that draw inspiration from the sun’s rising and setting over the surrounding hills
  6. Achieved high-visibility for a one-story building with a 21-foot-high front façade topped with a Hollywood-inspired letter sign boldly yet tastefully reading, “Orthopaedic Institute”

ERDMAN’s streamlined approach increased overall project efficiency and ultimately required no change orders. The facility today receives continual praise from the Paducah community. More than that, the operation has achieved a highly efficient patient flow and has become the region’s largest provider of musculoskeletal services.


  1. Location: Paducah, KY
  2. 40,000 SF Orthopaedic Institute
  3. Outpatient clinic (exams, casting, procedure), diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT, digital x-rays, DEXA scan), physical therapy, rotating specialists space (e.g. neurology), spine urgent care
  4. Two existing practices consolidated into a central location.
  5. Contract Amount: $10,678,575
  6. Completed: March 2013


An overview of Spinal Care at the Orthopaedic Institute of Western Kentucky.