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“The team ERDMAN has put together has saved me countless hours of frustration and headaches. I am amazed at how easy it is to work with them. From the beginning of the project I have had access to their senior leadership, including personal cell and home phone numbers for everyone on the construction team.

Concerning cost, we could not have made a better choice. Our project was completed ahead of schedule and $3.6 million under budget. Needless to say we are extremely happy with this outcome.”

— Brian J. Cramer, CEO
Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin


Thanks to consistently high patient satisfaction rates and tremendous operational success, the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin (OHOW) had outgrown their existing facility and wanted to provide comprehensive orthopaedic services in a 30-bed, 10-operating-room replacement hospital. But this was in the turbulent year of 2008, and that created a uniquely demanding set of project goals:

  1. Expedite speed-to-market timeline given the scarcity of capital, unpredictable political climate, and the possible overhaul of existing regulatory requirements
  2. Create a premiere specialty facility that improved upon the already highly successful prior hospital’s performance
  3. Provide an operationally efficient facility
  4. Reach a target delivery date 12 to 20 weeks less than historical data indicated for a project of similar size and complexity


Given the narrow time window for construction, OHOW chose the capabilities of ERDMAN. With our integrated design-build approach and deep knowledge of the supply chain, ERDMAN was able to respond with the following solutions:

  1. Eliminated delays from contractual agreements and allowed an experienced team of professionals familiar with one another to hit the ground running on the project
  2. Spent significant time at the initial stage carefully working closely with OHOW to define the project scope, budget, schedule, and expectation of quality
  3. Developed a critical path that put our integrated delivery model to work, with the design and construction teams working in tandem
  4. Led weekly review meetings with OHOW, enabling accelerated decision-making
  5. Prior to construction, leveraged solid relationships with national partners to execute crucial time-saving strategies such as early procurement of steel
  6. Coordinated accelerated prefabrication of mechanical penthouses parallel to onsite construction

The project was actually completed ahead of schedule. Today, the new hospital is not only an award-winning facility; OHOW scores within the top 1% for patient satisfaction for all U.S. hospitals and has also been named one of the country’s “100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare” by Modern Healthcare magazine.


  1. Location: Glendale, WI
  2. 96,000 SF free-standing replacement facility
  3. Winner of a 2010 Design-Build Excellence Award from the Design-Build Institute of America
  4. Departments include diagnostics, surgery, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and pain management
  5. 30 beds, 10 ORs
  6. Design and construction completed in 22 months
  7. Contract amount: $27,023,016
  8. Completed: 2009