Memorial Hospital of Converse County (MHCC) in Douglas, Wyoming, had a dedicated floor of individual medical practices. Each one had a separate suite, reception area, and overall flow. MHCC wanted to relocate these practices to free up space within the hospital for more inpatient services. But more importantly, it wanted a new facility to house the practices and in the process meet the following objectives:

  1. Build a new clinic and medical office building on a viable site close to the current hospital
  2. Design a facility that significantly improved the operational efficiency of the practices
  3. Provide an overall improved healthcare experience for clinic patients
  4. Give providers a great space to practice medicine and thereby help invigorate recruitment
  5. Relocate the urgent care division from the current hospital to the new facility


ERDMAN provided MHCC with pre-construction planning, including site selection support, along with design and construction services. The final facility, a modernized, single-story building, has achieved outcomes that include the following:

  1. An optimal site location, one just blocks away from the hospital
  2. A single reception area and a more straightforward program flow that has significantly increased operational efficiency
  3. A facility design that allows for more convenient way-finding and an overall better patient experience
  4. An attractive new medical office space that improves MHCC’s recruitment efforts
  5. A relocated and much-improved urgent care space

The new MHCC Medical Office Building has allowed the once-siloed practices to now function more effectively as one practice with multiple specialties.


  1. Location: Douglas, WY
  2. 22,000 SF MOB
  3. Services include a family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics,  OB-GYN and a lab.
  4. Completed: 2014