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“Livingston HealthCare staff and leadership leaned on your employees for expert advice, problem solving, and foresight. The talented staff at ERDMAN were able to create a physical building to match our superior natural surroundings in Livingston and the quality care we provide.”

— Bren Lowe, CEO
Livingston HealthCare


Just a few years ago, Livingston HealthCare was dealing with an outdated facility and asking itself the same tough questions a lot of critical access hospitals do: Should we move and rebuild? What’s the best option for funding? How can we improve the patient experience? And yet no critical access hospital is the same because no community is the same. For Livingston HealthCare to move forward with a major construction project, it would need to find a viable option that also met the changing healthcare needs of Livingston residents. The specific challenges that Livingston HealthCare faced included:

  1. Measuring the feasibility of on-site expansion vs. rebuilding elsewhere
  2. Getting through the complex but crucial financing process
  3. Working within tight budget limits yet still providing a beautiful, state-of-the-art healthcare facility that attracts patients—and top-notch staff


Based on the original facility’s antiquated features and the constraints of the site, Livingston HealthCare ultimately opted for a new site to build on. Through a comprehensive visioning session with ERDMAN, the hospital established a set of guiding principles for a new facility. To help make this project a successful one, ERDMAN’s support included the following:

  1. Conducted a thorough data-driven condition assessment on the original facility
  2. Performed site evaluation and selection services based on specific Livingston HealthCare criteria
  3. Led the charge on USDA loan funding by submitting the necessary applications, approvals, and checklists
  4. Incorporated evidence-based design for more efficient patient flow, improved patient experience, and greater staff satisfaction
  5. Provided cost-effective design features that also capture a Western aesthetic, use sustainable building strategies, and highlight the surrounding beauty of Livingston, including breathtaking views of three mountain ranges

Livingston HealthCare’s new medical center exemplifies how a critical access hospital can efficiently—and effectively—evolve with the needs of its community.


  1. Location: Livingston, MT
  2. 118,000 SF
  3. 25 inpatient beds, 3 OR Surgical Suite
  4. Provider-Based Rural Health Clinic
  5. Planned for future expansion
  6. USDA Direct Loan and Loan Guarantee financing
  7. Construction Cost: $27,600,000
  8. Comprehensive Budget: $39,600,000
  9. Completed: March, 2015
  10. Livingston HealthCare has been named in the top 20 Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in both 2016 and 2017; a ranking developed by the National Rural Health Association of over 1,300 CAHs.