When KishHealth’s Valley West Hospital sought improvements for its facilities, it did so with a focus on creating a more welcoming environment to the surrounding community of Sandwich, Illinois. Improving the patient experience was priority one. Meanwhile, KishHealth wanted a project that would also support its growth and future initiatives. Finding the best path to meeting KishHealth’s needs would mean taking on the following challenges:

  1. Find the best strategy to remedy a patient wing still using semi-private rooms
  2. Achieve campus improvements that would also help recruit top talent
  3. Optimize future growth potential with smart construction decisions that also maintain a safe and fully functional facility


KishHealth engaged ERDMAN for planning, design, and construction services. For KishHealth, the project turned out to have a few pleasant surprises. By having the value of every square foot maximized, KishHealth was able to achieve a series of improvements beyond its original goals. Project solutions included the following:

  1. A new in-patient wing that provides the latest in patient care and comfort
  2. A stunning new front entrance, a newly renovated administration area, and an overall more appealing and invigorated campus environment
  3. A carefully designed phased construction plan that kept patients and staff safe—and allowed Valley West Hospital to remain completely operational

The project approach achieved more with less by creating revenue-generating, programmatic space that’s still chock-full of amenities—but amenities with a purpose. ERDMAN was even able to redo Valley West Hospital’s emergency power system—without compromising safety or interrupting service.

The improvements have enhanced Kish’s ability to attract new physicians, specialists, and clinical staff, and have successfully set Valley West on a long-term course for providing a higher level of care to the community.


  1. Location: Sandwich, IL
  2. 24,500 SF hospital patient wing
  3. 19 patient rooms and two observation rooms
  4. Includes an emergency backup data center
  5. Contract Amount: $9,500,000
  6. Completion: Fall 2013


Community outreach describing the upcoming expansion of Valley West Hospital.