A Strategic Imperative for Emerging Systems of Health


In every community, hospitals are transitioning the scale and scope of their services in response to four major trends:

  1. Payments (incentives) are shifting from fee for service to value.
  2. The scope of services required from hospitals is expanding from inpatient and outpatient services to population health and care coordination, for which the hospital bears financial risk.
  3. The scale of operations is expanding from local programs and services to regional collaborations, joint ventures and strategic relationships.
  4. The customers being served are transitioning from patients who are primarily users of services with limited financial accountability to consumers who play active roles in the delivery and costs associated with the services they choose.

These trends mean hospitals must adapt to survive, or risk extinction. And that means the facilities and services must be focused on optimal efficiency, accessibility and user experiences. Urgent care centers are a key element in a hospital’s transition to become a system of health.