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Cleveland Clinic Unveils Top 10 Medical Innovations Likely to Be Game Changers
Cleveland Clinic Newsroom, October 26, 2016


The Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2017 were presented at the Cleveland Clinic’s recent 2016 Medical Innovation Summit. The top ranked innovation for this year is the development of microbiome-related diagnostics and treatments, which focus on the gut and its related bacteria. For years, research has suggested that the world within the microbiome impacts numerous health conditions and body functions and that it may be manipulated to do so in a manner that can improve health. The trend is regarded to be moving into the territory and research dollars that have recently been focused on the genomic medicine market.One other innovation of special note for healthcare leadership is the emergence of FHIR or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. This tool can be deployed in order for health systems to be able to share billing, clinical treatment, and insurance information among staff and providers within and outside of the system. It is said that the first wave will focus more on the clinical aspects of HIT systems and the second will focus more on administrative functions. This movement is expected to be embraced for its impact on efficiency, security, and patient safety.

Comprehensive Pediatric Oncology Care: A Family-Centered Design Concept
ERDMAN, November 2016

Based on our winning entry for the Patient-Centered Design Competition, hosted by the Institute for Patient-Centered Design, this whitepaper describes our design concept and implications of blurring the lines between inpatient and outpatient care in pediatric oncology.


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