The healthcare industry has and will continue to go through a period of dynamic change. The shift from volume to value, measured performance around populations, new revenue models, empowered patients, retail and consumer influences, and digital health individually and collectively require organizations to rethink their overall patient access and capture strategy, deployment, and delivery model.

Sustained organizational success in this complex environment can be achieved through confident decision making based on an aligned framework, data-driven analysis focused on key issues, and a commitment to action.

To achieve the value identified in planning, plans must be implemented. ERDMAN’s team of cross disciplinary experts are focused on developing plans staged for implementation with triggering mechanisms and measures of success.

List of Services

Market Position & Competitive Landscape
  1. Patient Origin and Clinical Utilization
  2. Demographics and Consumer Profiling
  3. Competitor and Partner Profiling
  4. Provider Supply and Demand
Ambulatory Network Development
  1. Patient Attraction & Retention
  2. Consumer Strategy
  3. Market Behavior & Connectivity
  4. Deployment planning
  5. Site identification and evaluation
Facility & Capital Planning



“There is no question that the whole model is shifting toward more outpatient care. The question is, where do we place services for the best possible outcomes, both clinical and financial?”


Focusing on patient experience drives improvement—and helps differentiate

How can a large university hospital successfully branch out and offer convenient ambulatory care in a dense urban healthcare market?


A great deal discussion has focused on the expectations and even demands that the onslaught of new “retirees” will have and how these will need to be accommodated by providers seeking to capture a portion of that vast market.  For the majority of those crossing over into the “third chapter” of life, the future of elderhood will likely look very different from the  select few with sumptuous options.