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Best of 2016: 10 Surprising Keys to Strategic Thinking for Health Care CEOs
Hospitals and Health Networks, April 2016


Hospitals and Health Networks provided a list of insights for CEOs related to strategic thinking. Among the list was the concept that strategizing is the CEO’s primary duty and that employees will generally be receptive to strategic directives and leadership. Further, delivering messages in a straightforward and simple manner is key. It also must be considered that physicians are a different group relative to communication needs and priorities.

Beyond leading employees, it is imperative that a healthcare organization delivers value above all else: their costs must be lower than their prices, with factors such as clinical quality considered. Also, differentiation is more important than seeking to be superior in all areas of delivery for healthcare organizations.

How Tech-Enabled Consumers Are Reordering the Healthcare Landscape
McKinsey & Company, November 23, 2016


McKinsey expects that in the near term, consumers will be aided by technology, most importantly in the form of mobile platforms, to manage a complete health and care ecosystem through a variety of platforms.  According to McKinsey’s research and analysis, $175-200 billion could be saved from the $300 billion spent on healthcare annually in the U.S. through implementation of these technologies. Among the drivers of the savings are increased efficiency in care delivery itself, decreased administrative costs due to automation, new revenue streams and offerings, and increased primary care utilization. Some of the specific means through which care will be improved are increased self-service and care/pricing transparency tools for patients, health monitoring technologies, improved interactivity between HIT platforms, and increasing access to virtual care.


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