Carle Cancer Center/Mills Breast Cancer Institute


Driven by the need to improve the efficiency and patient experience at their main campus, Carle Foundation Hospital and Carle Physician Group looked to ERDMAN for recommendations. ERDMAN conducted a resource capacity study, operational analysis, space programming, and budgeting services. Based on our subsequent recommendations, Carle set their sights on creating a comprehensive cancer center, a single facility that would bring together diagnosis, treatment and research. For the project to be successful, the following objectives needed to be met:

  1. Improve patient way-finding and throughput to increase overall efficiency
  2. Provide the latest in cancer patient care and technology
  3. Create a calming, therapeutic, and overall positive patient experience
  4. Allow for future growth with forward-thinking design strategies
  5. Consolidate the various cancer related departments inconveniently spread around campus
  6. Establish a bold, attractive center to improve recruitment challenges
  7. Increase market share by offering an exceptional cancer center for the region


ERDMAN led the planning, design and construction for the new Carle Cancer Clinic/Mills Breast Cancer Institute. The three-story facility includes a captivating two-story rotunda and an interior walkway allowing convenient access to parking and other portions of the Carle Campus. Outcomes from the project include:

  1. Improved patient satisfaction and staff satisfaction scores
  2. Achievement of recruitment goals for oncologists (25% increase)
  3. A reduction in FTEs per physician
  4. Increased revenue (17%) and patient volume
  5. Improved comprehensive services for breast, prostrate, and head and neck cancer
  6. Expanded radiation services and reduced downtime rate for linear accelerators
  7. Enhanced ability to conduct clinical cancer trials

Patients and their families in Central Illinois now have a premier cancer center conveniently located under one roof, one that provides a soothing, beautiful atmosphere to reduce stress and promote healing. As the success of the center continues, the facility is poised for future growth with design features to accommodate additional floors.


  1. Location: Urbana, IL
  2. 106,900 SF comprehensive cancer center connected to the Carle Foundation Hospital
  3. Radiation Oncology – 3 linear accelerators, tomotherapy, PET/CT, CT simulator
  4. Medical Oncology – ultrasound, DEXA scan, mammography, MBCI boutique, meditation room
  5. Private & Community Infusion Areas – 26 community chemo stations, 10 private chemo rooms, 2 infusion balconies
  6. Extensive research lab for clinical trials and testing
  7. Total Cost: 26,952,797
  8. Completion: 2008