ERDMAN uses Integrative Thinking to achieve our vision of ‘Improving every life we touch’. Integrative Thinking is a unique approach and methodology to solving complex and challenging problems by incorporating insights and knowledge from various disciplines and opposing perspectives. As a leader in INTEGRATIVE THINKING in Healthcare, we bring innovation to complex problem solving using multiple perspectives and disciplines, much like Marshall Erdman pioneered with Integrated Project Delivery when he founded the company in 1951.


Established in 1951 by founder Marshall Erdman, Marshall Erdman and Associates was the leader in integrated project delivery for healthcare. As ERDMAN has evolved over the years, we still owe a great debt to Marshall for shaping our values and integrated approach to serving our clients.

Marshall came to the United States from Lithuania in 1938, bringing with him a fascination with architecture that led him to establish his own firm. His own story is that of a self-made success, launching ERDMAN with borrowed money and a visionary approach to delivering high value, efficient building projects.

While he is often recognized for his work with Frank Lloyd Wright, he was an originator of architectural and building practices which are continuing to influence and reshape the American building industry. Marshall is recognized as one of the pioneers of the design-build approach in the United States, in which he hired architects, engineers, construction managers, and other support staff to work together in one firm to deliver medical offices. He believed in an “everything-in-house approach” (what we now call integrated project delivery) and went so far as to build his own factory to prefabricate building components. By the 1990s, Marshall Erdman and Associates had completed over 2,500 buildings and was the leading provider of small clinics in the country.

We have since evolved in name (ERDMAN), approach and services to include sophisticated strategic planning, consulting and delivery. We have evolved from Marshall’s one- or two-physician clients of yesteryear to customized strategic planning or capital planning solutions for community and large integrated health systems. But some things remain the same. ERDMAN’s services are still focused strictly on healthcare, and we continue to deliver an integrated approach. We are grateful to carry on the legacy of true integration and placing our highest priority on delivering true value for our clients.