Our people are exceptional, thriving in a challenging healthcare environment. We are passionate and humble with limitless ideas and a supportive environment to realize them. At ERDMAN, you bring and evolve your expertise to make a difference. Our philosophy of integrative thinking joins great minds and hearts for the pursuit of excellence.

We invest in our people through formal leadership development programs, career development, and financial support to expand technical expertise. Our focus is to grow the whole person: professional employee, family member, and community member. Our exceptional people create a constructive culture.

We are energized to:

  1. Set and achieve our goals
  2. Work together to solve problems
  3. Produce high quality results
  4. Have fun and enjoy our work
  5. Support each other’s growth
  6. Build strong, satisfying relationships

“We aim to elevate the understanding of our clients so that we can work together to create a better future for this industry.”

“I feel like it serves a little higher purpose when you’re helping people heal.”

Scott Nugent

Vice President of Operations, Senior Living

John Ford

Director of Design


“ERDMAN has fostered a culture that is friendly, inclusive, and flexible. Our leaders encourage us to have a healthy work-life balance. They also offer opportunities for us to grow as professionals. It is wonderful to be a part of an organization that puts its culture at the core of what we do as we carry out our vision to help improve every life we touch.”


“I feel lucky to work alongside so many disciplines. ERDMAN has helped me understand the industry, allowing me to branch outside of Interiors. There is great opportunity to quickly grow professionally at ERDMAN. I feel invested in my team and have developed trust with my connections…”

“Having the opportunity to improve lives with my work gives me a unique sense of fulfillment. Overcoming design challenges is rewarding, but not as much as having a nurse personally thank you for designing and building an environment that makes her happy to come to work. And ERDMAN invests in the professional and personal development of its staff. I have had more education, professional credentials, and outreach and leadership opportunities within ERDMAN than my colleagues at other firms. I would not be as advanced in my career without this.”

— Yova Rubio

Operations Coordinator

— Maya Mockert

Interior Designer I

— Aaron Bock

Senior Project Engineer

“My career with ERDMAN started in 2010. As a construction professional for many years, when I learned all ERDMAN is as an organization, I was hooked! Today, I am supported and encouraged by ERDMAN’s leadership and my fellow teammates every day. I am in an industry I love, surrounded by great people, helping to improve people’s lives. I am happy to be here.”


“The great thing about working at ERDMAN is the opportunity to work with everyone as a family. We support each other to not only do quality work, but also to get better. Everyone has an equal opportunity to utilize and maximize their talents. There is an array of knowledge all under the same roof at ERDMAN. We in turn not only take an integrative approach in our work, but also are growing and learning as leaders every day. “

“There is nothing better than getting together with all of my ERDMAN colleagues, enjoying great company, great food, and of course, generally poor golfing. “

— Cathy Salwin

Client Relationship Manager

— Taimoor Khan

Director of Preconstruction

— Jeff Turk

Warehouse Logistics Manager

ERDMAN respects and celebrates human diversity. We empower and engage our workforce to collaborate and share unique attributes, backgrounds and characteristics. We are an equal opportunity employer.